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The most convenient dachshund clothes

It’s horse cloth for every-day life.
According to my personal experienced I can assure you that well-designed horse cloth is very convenient for dog and its’ owner.. >>>


Knitted dachshund clothes

It is not a secret that one of phenomena of the XXth century is dog’s fashion. In this century dog’s designers appeared, first dog’s clothes shops were opened where it was possible to buy everything from hats to shoes. Because of body shape of such dogs as dachshunds, clothes are of particular importance. >>>


Our general guidelines about dachshund clothes choice

There is an opinion that the amount of heat produced by dachshunds organism during an active walk is sufficient. Dachshunds are very lively and warm themselves, but it is true only for little frost. But if it is -5 or colder outdoors they need clothes for dachshund. >>>


Casual dachshund clothes

In the majority of cases only one or two sensible jumpsuits are bought. Usually it happens if a dachshund lives in a flat and in this case clothes is not only a whim of the owner, but a way to simplify the process of care for a dog. >>>


A wide choice of a dachshund clothes

Dachshund clothes, a fashionable suit for dachshund, carnival costume designed and tailored by a fashion designer of our fashion center for dogs took the first places at the leading dogs exhibitions more than once >>>


Dachshund Clothes Caprice or Necessity?

Clothes for small dachshund became fashionable when French decided to step in. French are well-known for being sensuous so such huge world as dogs fashion could not pass by them without being noticed; clothing a dog beautifully was more than just natural for them >>>


Photo gallery dachshund clothes

Welcome to look our photo gallery beautiful elegant and pretty dachshund clothes.
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Cool clothes for everyday wear for dachshund dogs

When the dog warm and comfortable in the rain and slush - at owner's good for the soul >>>


Original masquerade costumes for Dachshund only

Cool clothes for dachshunds - a masquerade for the New Year, the exhibition. Not for everyday wear. >>>

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The most convenient dachshund clothes

Knitted dachshund clothes

Our general guidelines about dachshund clothes choice

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