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Dachshund Clothes Caprice or Necessity?

Our pets owe the existence of real dachshunds clothing to rainy British weather and English starch. How could it be? A Lord and his dog with its butt uncovered! What a mess! Dressed dogs is completely different. The cloths which were put by conservative Englishmen on their pets were not of any elegance..


Clothes for small dachshund became fashionable when French decided to step in. It would have been strange if having got to France the baggy raincoat aimed at covering the dog from rain had not been decorated.
French are well-known for being sensuous so such huge world as dogs’ fashion could not pass by them without being noticed; clothing a dog beautifully was more than just natural for them.

At home or at walk dogs in clothes – it’s stylish!

Nowadays the wardrobe of small dogs includes everyday costumes as well as high-end mink coats. Glamorous ladies dress up their pets into feathers, silk and diamonds. There are fashion collections specially for dogs, there are even special boutiques. Dogs’ fashion includes bags, strollers, shoes and even perfumes and claw polishes.

Don’t think that dachshund’s clothes is just their owner’s caprice. Small dogs, for example, do need clothing and not only in winter.
Dachshund’s jumpers are not simply matter of fashion. They protect from bad weather and help keep dog’s hair well groomed. Dachshund clothes contribute to decreasing the risk of different diseases.

Dachshund wearing clothes has lower risk to catch up a cold. By putting jumpers on your dog you help to prevent mites biting. The chance to catch up pyroplasmosis is much lower for clothed dogs though is not completely eliminated.

Shoes protect paws pads from chemicals in winter, from dirt in spring and fall and from cuts in any season of the year. Stylish bag for dogs’ transport is not just a fashionable accessory. It’s a place where a dog can hide and have a rest. It is warm and cozy in there. By the way, it is more comfortable for the dog-owner as well when a pet has rest in such a bag. Dressed-up dog always make people smile. And here comes another advantage – good mood contributes to good health. And everybody feels good! The dog feels warm, people around smile, the dog-owner feels peaceful!


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