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Casual dachshund clothes

Dachshund clothes like clothes for people are destined to serve certain aims.


And if clothes for people starts from underwear (after all for some reason they have thought out to wear several types of clothes, somehow we need to wear, for example, trunks under trousers or a skirt), clothes for dogs, as a rule, ends with the thing it starts from. In the majority of cases only one or two sensible jumpsuits are bought. Usually it happens if a dog lives in a flat and in this case clothes is not only a whim of the owner, but a way to simplify the process of care for a dog. First of all, a jumpsuit for a dachshund serves for protection from unfavorable natural disasters.
In autumn or in spring a waterproof jumpsuit is dressed; it serves for protection of the dachshund’s hair from dirt and damp. It is much simpler to dress a dachshund than to wash a pet after every walk. Concerning dachshund clothes it should be just dried after a walk or, if it is too dirty, it should be first rinsed out and then dried. It is not only unnecessary but unpractical to wash dachshund clothes, for example, a jumpsuit very often. Washing deletes not only dirt but water-proofing. The more you wash the faster clothes loses its advantages. It is better just to wipe clothes with a moist rag after a walk.

The second practical variant in which dachshund clothes is present is a winter variant. Not all the dogs have a long-lived immunity to frost and not all of them are used to our winters.

Basically, it concerns smooth-coated dachshunds. In order for them not to suffer from frost and snow, a winter jumpsuit is bought. Depending on the mobility of a dog and thickness of hair a jumpsuit is filled with a certain insulant. There are sintepon jumpsuits, wool jumpsuits, holofiber jumpsuits, baize jumpsuits, etc. Due to practicability the upper fabric is water-proof.

Sometimes if there is more than one dachshund in a flat and they are of different sex, the owner has to take care about the “underwear” for the dogs; it is trucks for lady-dogs in heat. Trucks are made of simple fabric; very often water-proof fabric is used. Several elastic bands are sewn inside the trucks for dachshunds; they serve for keeping of a sanitary napkin. Of course, they do not forget about the fact that a dog has a tail – thus, a sewing pattern of the trucks is not only practical but elegant. Trucks for a dachshund can be decorated with ribands and lace at the discretion of the dog’s owner.


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