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Our general guidelines about dachshund clothes choice

There is an opinion that the amount of heat produced by dachshundТs organism during an active walk is sufficient. Dachshunds are very lively and warm themselves, but it is true only for little frost. But if it is -5 or colder outdoors they need dachshund clothes.


Climate in our country is rather inclement, and dachshunds need regular walks. That’s why dachshund clothes are vitally important most of the year – they protect against cold and dirt. Ideally every owner should have the following clothes set for his pet:

Autumn bodysuit for dachshund for spring and autumn. In winter it can be combined with a sweater and trousers if the size is well fitted and if the owner is not afraid of a mess related to dressing the dog before every walk.

Winter bodysuit for dachshund. It is suitable for long walks in winter frost; it protects well dachshunds against cold and dirt.
Boots for dachshund. They are vitally important in big cities where road workers put different rubbish (salt, chemical agents, etc) on pavement and roads. They are very comfortable in dirty and wet weather and protect against cold in winter.

Body cloth, sweaters with trousers, scarves, hats and other things are not compulsory but they are necessary as accessories and for exciting events like photography, participation in competitions, festivals and other entertainments.

When you choose clothes for your dachshund pay attention how it behaves in it, if they are comfortable. Dachshund clothes must provide absolute freedom, so it will be possible to jump and run easily. For sure, dachshund clothes are worth trying on before buying. If fabric is too tight in some places, it is likely to break off in that place first of all and it will not allow any freedom of movement for your dog.

Check all clasps if they are reliable, if dachshund’s hair does not get stuck in it (the latter is important for long-haired dachshunds).

We wish you good luck in choosing dachshund clothes, and nice and long walks! Remember, there is no bad weather; there are only clothes which don’t fit.


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