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Knitted dachshund clothes

It is not a secret that one of phenomena of the XXth century is dog’s fashion. In this century dog’s designers appeared, first dog’s clothes shops were opened where it was possible to buy everything from hats to shoes. Because of body shape of such dogs as dachshunds, clothes are of particular importance.


What are fashion dachshund clothes? Is it just a way to stand out in a crowd? Or is it a need?

Specialists in veterinary science think that dachshund clothes are necessary to keep pets in good health, particularly in winter.
Secondly, in wet weather, long haired dachshunds cause a lot of problems; washing and drying after a walk take a lot of time. And if a dog catches burs, will it be necessary to comb them out or to cut hair? It is not a pleasant task. It is easier and more comfortable to wash a suit.
Thirdly, dachshunds need clothes after surgery, after sterilization to avoid contamination. Of course, it is temporary measure but people would like their dogs to look nice even temporarily.
And old dogs who often develop arthritis or mother-dogs who should be protected from cold to prevent mastitis?

Dachshund clothes are sewn/knitted virtually for any occasion. There are more and more pets owners who want to dress their pets. And they want them to be nice, trendy and stylish!
For many people the dog is a family member and a friend. They started to dress their pets to share the feeling of warmth and comfort. Trying dachshund clothes most of people transfer some human features to it. In modern world dogs become a part of style for their owners. If you are dressed trendy and nice, your pet is not allowed to spoil trendy image of his owner by its banal “natural” appearance. Indeed, sometimes you want to give a treat to your doggy with a new trendy rag!
But it should be noted that animals are not dolls so they do care what they wear.
There are fashion-conscious dachshunds who like to get dressed. In principle it is clear. A fashion-conscious dachshund attracts so much attention and endearing words and questions unlike undressed dog. My dachshund also enjoys getting dressed, she understands that this procedure is followed by dainties and a walk. But my doggy strongly objects to wear sewn clothes. It does not matter how beautiful, comfortable and practical they seem to be at first sight, because they hinder movements. Looking for comfortable dachshund clothes we went around city shops but we could not find anything suitable. I wish the best to my pet and I could not accept that she feels discomfort in her clothes. That’s why I started to knit. Knitted dachshund clothes are very comfortable and nice for body and don’t hinder movements.


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