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The most convenient dachshund clothes

It’s horsecloth (blanket) for every-day life.
According to my personal experienced I can assure you that well-designed horsecloth is very convenient dachshund clothes.


It’s convenient dachshund clothes because it doesn’t prevent from moves, the legs are opened but the back, the biggest part of the dog,  is coved. It is important to take care of the dog’s back from youth, because the backbone is a weak point. The dog’s character is different that’s why when you put one-piece suit on the dog it may be uncomfortable to move and the dog begins jumping showing that it’s uncomfortable. The opposite situation happens when you put horsecloth on your dog.
It’s also convenient for the owner. The horsecloth is very simple to put on, you can save a lot of time. If you sew horsecloth using raincoat fabric, you can easily clean it, the dog is clean and dry and it spends more time outdoors even if it rains. Also the horsecloth is easier to sew than one-piece suit.
You can sew two horseclothes for rain and cold weather and for the winter (warm horsecloth)
Warm jacket
It fits to cold and dry weather. We used children's jacket with zipper on the back. This variant covers chest and back. It is dachshund clothes for puppies and old dachshund because they feel even small reduction of the temperature.
One-piece suit for dachshund
Now in pet shops there is a huge range of one-piece suits and other dachshund clothes, you can easily choice something for you pet. But if you didn’t find horseclothes for your dog or you want something special you can sew it yourself or make an order in accordance with your desire and your dog’s size
The boots are very comfortable for winter because they save dog’s legs from dangerous salt and other reagents.


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