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How to select and purchase quality and inexpensive dachshund clothes

Our website will help you to select and purchase dachshund clothes from different international producers. You can buy a suit to protect for protecting your dachshunds from dirt, jackets, coats and winter suits for dachshunds.


If you will have any problems with the selection of the size for your pet, or you can’t decide with a model, we are pleased to help you!

Dachshund clothes - it's our specialty.

Even 10-15 years ago dachshund in overalls on the streets has attracted attention. Now it isn’t surprisingly. Zoo fashion market develops very rapidly.

Today dachshund clothes has become such as necessary accessory, as a collar and leash.  Most dog’s owners appreciate saving time and money, which it gives, because it can be washed for two minutes and how long will to wash your dachshund? What if it has a long-haired? And wash a dachshund after each walking badly for its hair and skin, but we live in the modern world and just rinse your dog with water isn’t good, you should use special tools.

The mud and the cold ....
How to protect your pet? Only one answer - your dog needs overalls!

Look at the various of styles and dachshund clothing collections. All models are beautiful, practical and functional. It’s very important!


A collection "EVERYDAY LIFE" – isn’t expensive and  practical dachshund clothes for every day. This collection has a unique dog suit as a "cowboy", without analogues in other manufacturers. This product with inserts of the grid was appreciated of many owners the long-haired dachshunds,

Collection «VIP» - fashionable and elegant suits and coats for dachshunds. The hit of this collection is a suit "COMBI-FUR '- it is beautiful and functional!

Collection «ELITE» - trendy suits and jackets for the dachshunds with high quality at an affordable price.

Collection «SPORTS» - a beautiful and practical dachshund clothes, on all occasions. The composition of products include reflective elements which make the dachshund is visible in the dark using light reflecting flashlights and headlights. This ensure the safety of the pet and its owner at crossing the roadway.

Collection «SPORTS STYLE» - a convenient and elegant clothes for fashionable pets. Colored piping which is used in the production process is decorating element which makes the dog clothes more stylish and attractive.

Collection «SPECTRUM» - this collection of dachshund clothes includes models that are made ??from more expensive printed fabrics, mainly in the style of "Military"/

Each collection has clothing for protection against dirt and warmed winter dachshund clothes.


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